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If you are fed up with countless restrictions and blocking mechanisms that follow Gamstop schemes, you probably are already looking for some alternatives or are looking for the tools to cancel the Gamstop service!

How to Cancel GamStop

How to Cancel Self Exclusion

In order to study each detail of the case, our team of experts spent countless hours and enormous human recourses. Every possibility of disabling the Gamstop scheme was considered and carefully studied. After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that the best way to cancel Gamstop and the fastest way to get back to gambling is to find online casino sites that accept Gamstop players. Such sites are never part of UKGC and naturally, all of them are operating outside the UK as all UK casino sites are obligated to hold a UKGC license.

Top 13 Casino sites that don’t require Gamstop cancellation

If this is the case, we will help you out by providing you with a list of non-UKGC sites where you can freely continue the gambling process. It is important to know that once you are blocked on Gamstop there is no way to directly cancel it until the blocking time ends.

150% up to 2,000£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Quality Content
  • High Payout Rate
111% up to 2,500£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Highest Payout Rate
  • Variety of Content (Sportsbook + Casino)
400% up to 1,500£
  • Not on Gamstop
  • 96% Payout Rate
  • Various Payment Methods
100% up to 500£
  • Curacao License
  • Various Promotions
  • Huge Content
300% up to 100£
  • Not at Gamstop
  • 100% secure 24/7 support
  • VPN allowed

Rating Sites not Requiring Gamstop Cancellation

Rating Sites not Requiring Gamstop CancellationWhatever benefits and perks the Gamstop scheme might have, more and more UK punters are looking to cancel the self-exclusion process almost the same time they register as it does not leave any alternatives to gambling. Once players know they can’t cancel Gamstop, they start looking for non Gamstop casino sites for alternatives. Below we will discuss the several criteria we use in order to rate credible and legit casino sites that do not require Gamstop cancellation and allow gambling despite being restricted at the Gamstop scheme.

Credible ways around Gamstop scheme

In this article, you will only find the safest and most convenient ways to get around Gamstop’s self-exclusion scheme. There won’t be any sketchy or illegal ways offered here. You can rest easy as we value your safety and will only offer credible and approved ways to get around the Gamstop.

Operated by reputable entities

All of these casino sites are owned by reputable companies that have several years of experience in the gambling industry and none of these companies are linked to Gamstop. It is always important to choose a credible and reputable casino site where you can safely gamble.

Colorful bonuses and promotions

None of the UKGC governed sites offer such big and colorful promotions as the non Gamstop sites do. There are different bonuses for new players and already active users alike. If you want to experience the true meaning of bonuses, you should head to the non Gamstop gambling sites.

How to Cancel GamStop – Top-quality content

These types of sites offer one of the best quality content with various features that come with different perks and benefits. Sites are usually mobile-friendly and offer various bonuses and promotions. It is impossible to get bored of such websites as they constantly offer something new.

How to cancel Gamstop – Top 11 Betting sites without Gamstop cancellation

Therefore in this time frame, you won’t be able to play at UKGC license betting sites. Here is the Top 11 non Gamstop betting sites where you can place a bet at sports without any Gamstop restriction and doesn’t need to cancel your Gamstop while playing here.

150% up to 2,000£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Quality Content
  • High Payout Rate
111% up to 2,500£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Highest Payout Rate
  • Variety of Content (Sportsbook + Casino)
400% up to 1,500£
  • Not on Gamstop
  • 96% Payout Rate
  • Various Payment Methods
120% up to 3,000£
  • Non Gamstop Betting
  • 8+ website languages
  • More than 20 Payment Options
150% bonus and 55% Cashback
  • Non Gamstop
  • 96% Payout Rate
  • Countless Promotions

How to cancel Gamstop – Non Gamstop Bonus Types

cancel self exclusion

Non Gamstop casino sites offer quite a lot of variety when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Compared to casinos that hold UKGC licenses or are regulated by some entities with restrictions, Non-Gamstop gambling sites have a bigger and better promotion. There are countless different bonuses that are fit for every player and even for every casino section. Below we will be discussing several of them:

Sign Up/Welcome Bonus – This is the main bonus that players who are new to the casino get. This will be a one-time offer and is usually some sort of deposit match. Most of the non Gamstop casinos offer such promotions

100% Match Bonus – A 100% match is where the non UKGC casino essentially doubles your money. They will match your exact deposit amount 100%. For example, a 50 Euro deposit will get a 50 euro bonus, giving you 100 euro in total

Free Spins – A free spins bonus is where the casino will give you several free spins to use on an online casino game that has been specified by that casino. The winnings can either be applied to your account as cash or they will be applied as a bonus with wagering requirements attached accordingly.

No Deposit Bonuses – In the case of such bonuses users are not required to make any type of deposit and a specific casino will give you bonus money for free. In almost all the cases you will be required to wager the bonus amount in order to withdraw. Always read the rules first as some casinos might forbid you from making a withdrawal.

Cashback Bonus – Cashback is literally a refund or an offer when a casino decides to pay users back any losses that they have encountered within a specific amount of time. Cashbacks are quite popular and a lot of players ask for them quite often.

Live Casino Bonus – These types of bonuses are specifically available for the live casino sector of any online casino. Players can use this bonus only on live casino content and naturally the wagering requirements must be fulfilled on these types of games.

High-Roller Bonus – A lot of serious and major casino sites offer bonuses for their high-roller players that are often referred as whales. These type of players gamble a huge amount of funds and as a reward for doing so, casinos provide them with bonuses that usually work for specific games that high-rollers prefer to play. Within such bonuses, clearing the wagering conditions is quite hard and players have to wager much higher amounts.

Benefits of Disabling Gamstop Program

Benefits of Disabling Gamstop ProgramGamstop activation can be caused by countless different reasons but it doesn’t always mean a positive thing. There have also been cases when players activated Gamstop restrictions by mistake and couldn’t undo the process. In such cases most of the players start to find ways on how to cancel Gamstop. Below are some interesting factors why players resort to canceling their Gamstop scheme.

Getting back to the gambling industry

Gamstop cancellation can be caused by several factors but the main one of these factors is to get back to the gambling. For some of the players gambling can be quite fun and entertaining process apart from being able to win huge funds. Stopping the Gamstop scheme is an easy way to get back to the gambling industry.

Lack of income

One of the most common cases of wanting to cancel the Gamstop restriction is finances. Players want to increase their income from the funds gathered from gambling, naturally being restricted on Gamstop interrupts this process, and therefore a cancelation need arises.

Way to kill time

As we all know, gambling is quite entertaining process. You can engage in gambling activities anytime from anywhere and you can find many impressive and interesting features on online casino. For a lot of players out there gambling is considered a hobby.

Drawbacks of Disabling Gamstop Program

Drawbacks of Disabling Gamstop ProgramIf there are benefits to something, naturally you will find some sort of drawbacks of removing the Gamstop scheme in this case. These are pure facts and they are based of countless occasions. As mentioned above, we carefully analyzed and studied the topic and it is our duty to present our readers with all the findings that we have seen. Below are the few drawbacks that follow Gamstop cancellation:

Possible complications

Gamstop cancellation might cause several issues. If you decide to find a way around the Gamstop’s self-exclusion scheme you might find yourself engaged in uncontrollable gambling. This might cause some mental damage as well as financial damage. Many players can’t cope with such issues and end up selling various properties and sometimes even losing it all.

Hard to resist

Even if you don’t like this we have to mention it. Gambling is very addictive activity and players often complain that they can’t keep away from gambling. Such problems are one of the main factors why a lot of UK punters prefer to stay blocked on Gamstop.

Loss of funds

When you gamble it does not necessarily mean that you will always win. In a lot of cases players lose uncontrollably and the fact that you can get unlimited gambling experience at non Gamstop casino sites, worsens the situation. Uncontrollable gambling can cause severe financial difficulties to gambling addicts so it is vital for such players to stay away.

Know How to cancel Gamstop

Below are the mainstream topics that players search for when they want to know how to cancel Gamstop. How to cancel Gamstop? No need to cancel self-exclusion, the fastest way to get back to gambling is to find online casino sites that accept Gamstop players.

  • How to submit a self-exclusion removal request?

If you have decided that you would like to cancel your Gamstop self-exclusion, you can do so by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to the Gamstop website and sign in using your username and password.
  2. Click on “My Account” and then select “Cancel Gamstop”.
  3. Enter your date of birth and click “Submit”.
  4. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to cancel Gamstop. Click “Yes” and your request will be processed.
  5. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact Gamstop by email at
  • How long does Gamstop last?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that allows you to cancel your membership. If you have signed up for Gamstop, you can cancel your membership at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Gamstop website and sign in using the username and password you created when you registered.
  2. Click on the “My Account” tab and then select “Cancel my membership.”
  3. Enter your date of birth and click on the “Submit” button.

Your Gamstop membership will be canceled immediately and you will no longer be able to access any of the services offered by Gamstop. If you have any questions or problems canceling your membership, you can contact Gamstop by email or phone.

  • How to cancel Gamstop?

If you have self-excluded yourself from gambling, but would like to cancel that self-exclusion, there are a few ways to do so. One way is to contact Gamstop and ask them to cancel your self-exclusion. You can also cancel your Gamstop membership on your own, or ask a friend or family member to cancel it for you. If you have any questions about how to cancel your Gamstop membership or about self-exclusion in general, please contact Gamstop for help.

  • Pros and Cons of not Having Gamstop?

Gamstop is an online tool that allows UK-based players to voluntarily ban themselves from all gambling websites and apps. It’s a free and easy process, and it’s designed to help those who might be struggling with a gambling addiction.

There are advantages to using Gamstop. First of all, it’s free and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to register, and you can then start blocking any gambling websites or apps that you want. Gamstop also provides a lot of useful resources, including information on how to spot the warning signs of gambling addiction and how to get help.

Another advantage of Gamstop is that it’s an independent organization. This means that it’s not affiliated with any gambling companies, and it doesn’t receive any funding from them. Gamstop is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), so it’s completely independent.

There are also some advantages to not using Gamstop. First of all, some people argue that Gamstop is actually a waste of time. They say that it’s not really effective and that it doesn’t actually do anything to help people with a gambling addiction.

Another disadvantage of Gamstop is that it can be quite restrictive. If you’re registered with Gamstop, you can’t gamble on any websites or apps. This can be a problem if you like to gamble occasionally, or if you only use gambling websites or apps for fun.

Finally, some people argue that Gamstop is actually harmful. They say that it can encourage people to keep their gambling addiction hidden, and that it can stop people from getting help.

So, what’s the verdict? Is Gamstop a good idea, or is it a waste of time?

There are pros and cons to both using Gamstop and not using Gamstop. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to use Gamstop. If you’re thinking about registering with Gamstop, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons and to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Gamstop Self Exclusion FAQs

🤔 How do I get around Gamstop’s self-exclusion?

Till we answer the question directly, you need to understand that Gamstop cancellation is almost an impossible feat. If you look closely on Gamstop’s terms and conditions you will understand that only way to cancel the scheme is to wait out the exclusion period and only after that you can resume gambling at UKGC regulated sites. However, if you don’t want to wait out, the easiest option is to try non Gamstop online casino sites.

🤔 How to disable Gamstop altogether after the exclusion period?

If you were excluded on Gamstop and the self-exclusion period has ended you will be presented with two main options. You can either activate the scheme again or completely disable it. Most of the players prefer to disable it altogether. The thing you need to do is call the customer support and ask for cancellation. The whole deactivation process takes up to 24 hours.

🤔 Is it Safe to cancel Gamstop?

Both the cancellation and the activation process of Gamstop services is quite safe. Gambling addicts and players with gambling related issues can continue the gaming process as soon as the time expires. Canceling or reactivating the Gamstop scheme is all up to you, either way, it is safe.

🤔 Is it mandatory to cancel Gamstop?

The whole Gamstop scheme cancellation is completely voluntary and is always up to the player to decide. If you feel that Gamstop scheme is restricting you from gambling and you want to continue being engaged in various gambling activities, you should cancel it. All in all it is up to you.