Lottery sites Not on GamStop

Lottery Not on GamStop

Lottery Not on GamStop is one of the most frequent searched topics for UK punters. Are you a Gamstop excluded player looking to play lottery games? If you are reading this article, then you probable are. Lotto has been quite popular nowadays however it is one of the heavily regulated game types. If you are a UK based player, you probably know that UKGC monitors everything there and most of casinos in UK are part of Gamstop scheme, however there are several other quite reputable lottery sites that are not part of Gamstop. Our team of experts have analyzed and checked all the top online lottery without Gamstop UK in detail, in order to come up with the best possible casino lists that offer superb lotto experience.

It is not a simple task to find a reputable and ideal non Gamstop lottery site as it requires spending countless hours on detailed analysis. The main goal is to get the best possible experience from these types of games. Every casino sites that features lotto as a gambling option, is quite reputable and offer safe and secure environment for gambling. These are the sites that are not featured on Gamstop scheme thus you can enjoy the lottery experience even after being self-excluded on Gamstop.

List of UK Non Gamstop Lottery Sites

150% up to 2,000£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Quality Content
  • High Payout Rate
111% up to 2,500£
  • Non Gamstop Casino
  • Highest Payout Rate
  • Variety of Content (Sportsbook + Casino)
400% up to 1,500£
  • Not on Gamstop
  • 96% Payout Rate
  • Various Payment Methods
120% up to 3,000£
  • Non Gamstop Betting
  • 8+ website languages
  • More than 20 Payment Options
150% bonus and 55% Cashback
  • Non Gamstop
  • 96% Payout Rate
  • Countless Promotions
100% up to 100£
  • Huge Casino Content
  • Top Game Providers
  • 24/7 Customer support
100% up to 100£
  • Good selection of games
  • 100+ alternative bets
  • 10+ payment methods
100% up to 100£
  • Non Gamstop
  • Variety of Promotions
  • AMEX payments
250% up to 1000£
  • Not at Gamstop
  • Simple user interface
  • 200+ football markets
100% up to 500£
  • Curacao License
  • Various Promotions
  • Huge Content
300% up to 100£
  • Not at Gamstop
  • 100% secure 24/7 support
  • VPN allowed

Rating Lotto sites not on Gamstop

Lotto sites not on GamstopWhile reviewing lotto sites that are not part of Gamstop scheme, it is always important to look at the possibilities of the provider platform. The site should be able to offer appropriate safety procedures to ensure a fairness of the lottery draw. Our team uses special criteria that they came up with to feature all the important aspects that a credible lotto gambling site not on Gamstop should offer. Below are the criteria that we found are most important:

Gamstop Accepted – If you are registered on Gamstop scheme there is no way for you to have access to lotto games as this is one of the best restriction systems. Therefore in this article you will only find sites that are not part of Gamstop. These types of sites usually offer much more than just lottery games. You will find a lot of content that is not restricted on Gamstop.

Top Game Selection – Apart from lottery games, non Gamstop casino sites usually offer quite a lot of different options. Our team filtered casinos based on online games they offer that are not part of Gamstop scheme. These types of sites usually feature slots, table games, live casino content, poker, bingo, slingo and many others.

Huge Bonuses and Promotions – One of the most popular features of every casino is their colorful bonuses and promotions. This criteria tries to filter out and choose the Lottery Sites in UK that offer some of the best casino bonuses such as welcome package, lottery bonuses and non Gamstop no deposit bonuses.

Sites About Lottery Not on GamStop

Sites About LotteryThere are quite a lot of UK lotto gambling sites that freely accept players that are part of Gamstop scheme. It is not a surprise that quality and the experience gathered from these sites differ from each other. This article only includes lottery sites not on Gamstop, that have passed the special criteria that our team works by, therefore these sites are quite reputable and safe to gamble at. Below are the top best gambling sites that feature non Gamstop lotto gambling.

Betflip Lotto


111% up to 2,500£

Generous welcome offers!
Hugely competitive odds!
Wide range of payment methods!

Betflip offers relatively simple but at the same time complex gambling mechanics. This is a legit non Gamstop lotto site that accepts UK punters despite their restrictions and self-exclusions. Up to 15 different types of lotto games are constantly available for players to use. Countless top software developers, huge variety of interesting promotions and many other perks are waiting for players that are looking for not only superb lotto gambling experience, but for overall positive casino experience. Site features several mainstream payment options and offers cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Processing speed is lightning fast and customer support is always there to assist.

Billion Vegas Lotto


575% up to 2,000£

✔ 2021 launched UK bookmaker!
✔ Great Range of Games!
✔ Wide range of markets!

Billion Vegas has a unique and user-friendly interface with modern additional features. This is another one of the lotto sites not blocked by Gamstop that offers various gambling options. There are more than 10 different types of lotto games that players can choose. Site also features more than 1000 different types of games so options are quite big. Site currently holds Curacao gambling license and is definitely a reputable place to gamble. Quality customer support is provided and they are available 24/7. There are some of the most mainstream payment methods available and site accepts Bitcoin as well.

Ridika Lotto


300% up to 3,000£

Join Ridika and get 300% bonus on your first deposit up to €2000 plus 66 Free spins.

This particular non Gamstop Lotto gambling site without Gamstop scheme was launched in early 2017. Site has quite huge history when it comes to gambling. You will find one of the best available promotions on the non Gamstop market and most importantly, one of the best selection of Lotto games. Vast selection of other casino games are also available for you to use. Ridika has some of the best slot game providers available. You can also gamble in several currencies and they also offer some of the mainstream payment methods. Site is quite reputable and offers safe gambling space. Safety measures and customer support is also top notch. Most importantly, this is an ideal place for Lotto enthusiasts.

Harry’s Lotto


100% up to 100£

Huge Bonus Pack!
Great Range of Games!
Credit Card Deposits Accepted!

Lottery games at Harry’s casino offer quite colorful and unique gambling experience for players looking for unlimited non Gamstop lottery gambling. Casino content on this site is definitely in top condition. Signing up is super easy and takes up to a minute. This particular lottery not on Gamstop features several currencies, enormous welcome bonuses. Selection of Lotto games is also quite amazing. Loading speed and graphics of the game are pretty good. If you are looking for superb non Gamstop lottery gambling experience, Harry’s is a place for you.

Crazyno Lotto


250% up to 1,500£

Welcome to the wacky future! What better way to start your intergalactic adventure than with a bonus from your new best friend Nutty Johnson? Explore the vastness of space and existence with the formidable Nutty Welcome Package.

This is definitely an ideal non Gamstop Lotto site. Lottery games here offer enhanced performance and fascinating graphics. More than 30 different software providers and up to 1000 different slot games are all waiting for you. On top of this, amazing bonuses, ideal design and highly skilled customer support is available at Crazyno. You will find a well-protected lotto site with easy navigation and various promotions. Crazyno is a transparent and reputable lotto gambling site that takes care of its customers. A lot of great features are available for everyone and we strongly urge you to join their ranks.

Alternatives to Online Lottery Not on GamStop

As mentioned above, there are quite a lot of non Gamstop lottery sites that offer unique gambling experience, therefore if you do not want to be limited to only above listed casinos, then you are in luck. Our team has made some additional analysis and came up with the list of additional casino sites that offer lottery gambling experience and on top of that are not on Gamstop.

  • Dogsfortune Online Lottery
  • Jackpot Charm Online Lottery
  • Casiroom Online Lottery
  • Lucky31 Online Lottery
  • Agent no Wager Online Lottery

Lottery not on Gamstop Benefits

Lottery not on Gamstop BenefitsEnjoying the gameplay process of games that are not featured on Gamstop offer players opportunity to engage in gambling activities despite being self-excluded on Gamstop scheme. You do not even have to worry about any bothersome restrictions. Top perks and benefits of lottery sites not on Gamstop are presented below:

Gamstop Accepted

Punters that are excluded on Gamstop do not have any kind of access to any type of lottery events and online casinos that is a part of this scheme. Lotto gambling sites that are not part of Gamstop allow you to work your way around the annoying restrictions.

New Operators

Most lotteries that aren’t part of GamStop are new releases with unique games and bonuses. Watching for new lottery sites that aren’t on GamStop allows you to enjoy refreshing offers from the frequent releases.

International Licenses

Independent casinos are in charge of Lottery games that are not part of Gamstop scheme. These types of sites almost always hold a credible and legit gambling license however they do not have the UKGC as they are operating outside the UK.

Lottery not on Gamstop Drawbacks

Lottery not on Gamstop DrawbacksNon Gamstop lottery games are the best option you can go to if you are restricted and blocked on Gamstop. Despite this there are still some drawbacks and negative effects that follow. Below are some of the best examples of these drawbacks:

No Gamban

Lottery sites that are not using Gamban or any other support tools, can’t be restricted or blocked. This is a huge problem if a player wants to self-exclude from gambling or a particular gambling site. Some see it as the biggest advantage, however some players see this as a flaw.


All of these lottery sites are operating outside UK so they can be considered as offshore casinos that are not regulated by UKGC. Despite this, most of lottery sites not covered on Gamstop hold different gambling licenses. Nonetheless they are not as effective as UKGC.

Weak Verification

Most of the non Gamstop lottery sites do not offer any complex or quality verification process. These types of casinos are sometimes referred to as no verification sites, therefore you understand how little does verification mean to them. Despite the fact that UKGC takes KYC verification quite seriously, non Gamstop sites tend to be less strict.

Not Recommended for Gambling Addicts

Casino sites that offer Lotterry gambling not covered by Gamstop, usually offer unlimited gambling possibilities. Even though a lot of players like this, for some problem gamblers this is a disaster. Unregulated and unlimited gambling might cause some serious financial problems to Gambling addicts.

Alternatives to Lottery Not on GamStop

There is not a doubt that Lottery is one of the most favorite and most popular forms of casino gambling for a lot of UK punters, however if you are looking for non Gamstop experience, you can always look for alternatives to Loterry sites. Non Gamstop is a vast place for gambling thus you will find alternatives such as:

Lottery Sites in UK. There are many people who enjoy playing the lottery, but don’t want to be restricted by GamStop. Luckily, there are a number of lotteries that are not on GamStop. This means that players can continue to enjoy their favourite lottery games without having to worry about being unable to access them.

One of the most popular lotteries that is not on GamStop is the EuroMillions. This lottery is available to players from all over the world, and offers a number of different ways to win. Players can choose to play for a chance to win the jackpot, or they can opt for a smaller prize. There are also a number of different ways to play the EuroMillions, so players can find a way that suits their needs.

Another popular Lottery Sites in UK that is not on GamStop is the Powerball. This lottery is also available to players from all over the world, and offers a number of different ways to win. The Powerball jackpot is one of the largest in the world, and is often worth millions of dollars. Players can choose to play for a chance to win the jackpot, or they can opt for a smaller prize.

Lottery Sites not on Gamstop FAQs

🤔 What are lottery sites not on GamStop?

These are the gambling sites that are not part of Gamstop scheme meaning that players restricted and blocked on Gamstop can freely participate here. It is a well-known fact that self-excluded players can’t participate in any gambling activity throughout UK, this is why they start to look for non Gamstop gambling sites. These types of lottery sites offer better perks and less restrictions.

🤔 Is it legal to play non Gamstop Lotto games?

UK players and basically every player can engage in lotto gambling without any problem. It is completely legal. Does not matter whether it is UKGC governed site or some other independent gambling site. Only thing you need to wary is a reputability of non Gamstop lottery site.

🤔 Is it safe to play non Gamstop lotto games?

It is completely safe only if you choose a reputable gambling site. Countless different lottery site is available online some of them are licensed and some of them are not. It is important to find the reputable casino that guarantees payouts and data protection.

🤔 Which is the top lottery site not on GamStop?

We believe that one of the best and top lottery site not on Gamstop is Betflip casino. They offer countless lotto games, various other content, high quality performance, huge bonuses and promotions and a quality customer support.

🤔 Is it mandatory for non Gamstop lottery sites to have license?

It is not mandatory for such sites to hold any kind of license. Even though there are lots of licensed sites, you will find even more unlicensed ones that offer equal and some times better lotto gambling experience. It is always a matter of reputability. If gambling site has a positive outcry throughout the web, you can freely join despite having license or not.